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The celebration of Sri Yashoda Devi ( Yashoda Jayanti) , the foster mother of Bhagwan Sri Krishna, is known as Sri Yashoda Jayanthi. It falls on the Phalguna lunar calendar’s Krishna Paksha Sashti Tithi. It will be celebrated on February 12 of this year, 2023. In its entirety, the Sashti Tithi is dedicated to celebrating Sri Yashoda Jayanthi. Determining the precise length of the Sashti Tithi requires consulting the relevant regional calendar. According to tradition, Yashoda was born on the sixth day of the Krishna Paksha in the Phagun month. Therefore, all mothers over the world will be praying for their children’s happiness on this Shashthi Tithi, February 11, 2023. Devaki gave birth to Krishna; however, it is Yashoda who is revered and seen as Krishna’s mother. On Yashoda Jayanti, the residents of Braj get to celebrate the birth of Yashoda, Krishna’s consort.

What Is The Significance Of Yashoda Jayanti ?

Lord Krishna was raised by Yashoda (Yashoda Jayanti) , and he was the eighth incarnation (avatar) of Vishnu, who appeared to defeat evil and defend the righteous. When Kansa’s rule in Dwarka became intolerable, Krishna was born from Kansa’s sister’s womb to put an end to his reign of terror. Lord Krishna was cared for by Nanda’s wife, Yashoda, after his father, Vasudev, sent him to Nanda’s residence to stay with his friend. Krishna and Yashoda both have a deep love for one another in the past. One of Krishna’s names was Yashodanandana.

History And Story Behind Yashoda Jayanti

The compassionate Yashoda (Yashoda Jayanti ) nurtured Lord Shri Krishna as her own child. Because of the danger posed by Kansa’s plotting, Krishna’s father, Vasudeva, had him moved from Devaki’s home to that of Nanda and Yashoda as soon as he was born. The shackles that held Krishna’s parents to the jail post mysteriously unfastened themselves, and the guards dozed off as if they had been hit by a truck.

Because of this, Vasudeva risked leaving the jail with Krishna, a newborn, to offer him to Nanda in Gokul. Yashoda showed a lot of love to both Krishna and his brother Balarama when they were growing up. Yashoda reprimanded Krishna and pinned him to a millstone once after catching him snacking on the muck. Upon Krishna’s opening his mouth at Yashoda’s request, Yashoda beheld the cosmos in his jaws and immediately recognized him as Vishnu, the Supreme Being. Lord Krishna was incredibly challenging to raise due to his magical leelas and adventures, but Yashoda’s love for him never wavered.

Puja Vidhi And Rituals On Yashoda Jayanti:

Sri Yashoda Jayanthi is celebrated due to the following customs and beliefs.

-Mothers get up at the crack of dawn to take a ritual bath during Brahma muhurtham.

-They do this because they care about their children’s health and longevity.

-Both Maa Yashoda and Sri Krishna are worshipped (with a depiction of a little Sri Krishna perched on Maa Yashoda’s lap, being the most popular form of veneration).

-Sri Yashoda Maa’s vigraha (representational image) is covered in a red sari.

-Neivedyam is often sweet rotis and other desserts.

-Donating a wheat-filled copper jar is a “daan” that may bring about good fortune.

-Disputes may be avoided by tying the sacred crimson thread at the front door.

-It is a good omen to feed a cow.

Praying to Sri Yashoda maa will solve all your child-related difficulties and ensure that your children have a long and healthy life.

Benefits Of Worshiping Yashoda Maiya:

When you worship a picture of Yashoda and Krishna, you can expect to undergo the following transformations: 1. The second is that the devotee’s problems will go away entirely. Third, the highest quality offspring are the result of prayerful efforts to start a family. There is general joy inside the household. 5. There will be lots of love and affection between family members. The rich get richer every day, 6. Seven, one receives Lord Shri Krishna’s blessings. Shri Krishna Chalisa should be recited, and the Aarti Om Jai Jagdish hare should be sung on this day.

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