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Lord Rama and Goddess Sita were wed on this day, known as Vivah Panchami, after Rama raised, strung, and broke the unbreakable Shiv Dhanush to set an example for the warrior people. On the fifth day of the Hindu month of Margashirsha in the Shukla Paksha—which falls on Monday, November 28, 2022, this year—Goddess Sita and Lord Rama celebrate their wedding. On this day, Lord Rama worshippers in Ayodhya, Mithilanchal, and Nepal celebrate with extra care and pomp.

Ayodhya is where it is most lavishly observed, but eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar discourage wedding celebrations on this day. Being the birthplace of the goddess Sita, Mithilanchal and Janak Puri in Nepal have a special place for this event and celebrate it with tremendous vigour. It is celebrated between November and December during the Margashirsh month on the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha.

Vivah Panchami 2022 The Importance Of This Day

After breaking Lord Shiva’s bow in the Swayamvara on the day of Vivah Panchami, Lord Rama, the seventh manifestation of Lord Vishnu and the eldest son of Dasharatha of Ayodhya, wed Sita, the daughter of Janaka, at Janakpuri (Nepal). Lord Rama and Devi Sita’s royal divine wedding is commemorated on Vivah Panchami to record it in history.

Another name for their wedding anniversary is Vivah Panchami. The festivity begins seven days before the wedding, just like any other wedding. Everyone is heavily invested in this welcoming task, making preparations and participating in worship as if it were a large family wedding that many devotees from throughout the nation attend.

Every Ram Sita temple celebrates the day. The wedding ritual incorporates idols of gods that are jewelled and dressed in bridal apparel, and the wedding is conducted according to complete Vedic customs. The temples are completely decked. Additionally, it is a family festival where people welcome guests and exchange gifts and sweets.

Puja Rituals for Vivah Panchami in 2022

  • Wake up early, shower, and dress in clean, fresh clothes.
  • For Puja, use a mural, statue, or idol of Ram and Mata Sita. It has to be adorned and washed with Ganges water. On the Chowki, place the Lala seat.
  • Think just of Shri Ram when you meditate.
  • Mata Sita receives crimson clothing, while Lord Ram receives yellow robes.
  • On the day, cow ghee should be used to light the lamp.
  • Gugal should be used when performing dhoop.
  • Haldi, Chandan, and kumkum should be used for the tilak.
  • Burn incense for Mother Sita and Lord Rama.
  • Worship by presenting white flowers, roli, molly, rice, sandalwood, fruits, naivedya, and akshat, among other things.
  • Offer flowers and fruits, and perform rites of adoration. Sabudana and Kesar should be used to prepare the day’s bhog or prasad (kheer of Sabudana is mostly offered).
  • Mantra for Vivah Panchami Any of the following Ram Mantras (Sri Ramachandraya Namah) should be sung as the mantra.
  • Read Sunderkand from the Ramayana and recite the 108 Ramayan mantras.
  • The priest or family members read the sacred Baal-Kand script, Vivah Prasang.
  • In adoration of the gods, worshippers chant sacred mantras and devotional and religious music (bhajans).
  • The Vivah Panchami occurs in numerous places throughout “Ramleela.”
  • After the priest completes the Vivah Panchami Puja, a final Aarti and Bhog Prasad are offered to bring the festival to a close. Light earthen lamps and use them to adorn your home.

Benefits of Vivah Panchami 2022

  • Puja on the day of Vivah Panchami will help you to find and finalise a spouse.
  • On this day, any marital issues are resolved through the worship of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.
  • It would help if you worshipped Rama and Sita together to have your aspirations fulfilled and the obstacles to your marriage removed.
  • Bala Kanda must be shouted throughout the wedding ceremony for the idol. Additionally, reciting the Ramcharitmanas promotes marital harmony and guarantees a contented and prosperous family life.
  • A spouse like Rama and a wife like Seta are guaranteed for unmarried women who worship Lord Rama on this day.
  • While single women mark this vrat to find acceptable life partners, married ladies celebrate Vivah Panchami to enjoy marital bliss.
  • There is also a daylong fast observed. It is thought that hearing the story of Lord Rama and Maa Sita’s wedding will bring joy and blessings.
  • Fervent prayers will resolve all family disputes with Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.

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