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Pradosh Vrat essentially represents Lord Shiva’s form. To obtain Lord Shiva’s blessings, this fast is maintained. Every month, Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha Trayodashi are the days on which the Pradosh fast is observed. Everyone is tremendously impressed by Pradosh Vrat’s magnificence. This fast’s significance is compared to the “Paras” in a string of pearls.

Pradosh Vrat Date And Time For 2023:

Pradosh vrat 2023: Chaitra, Krishna Trayodashi

Pradosh Vrat begins: at 10:37 pm, March 18, 2023

Pradosh vrat ends: 07:25 pm, March 19, 2023

What Importance Does Pradosh Vrat Hold ?

Every month, Vrat is offered on the Trayodashi Tithi of both Pakshas. Additionally, this coincidence gains significance if the fast is observed on a notable day. Out of all of these, it is known as “Som Pradosh Vrat” if it is observed on Monday. ‘Bhom Pradosh Vrat’ is the name given to Pradosh Vrat on Tuesday. On Saturdays, Pradosh Vrat is referred to as “Shani Pradosh Vrat,” and on Sundays, it is referred to as “Ravi Pradosh Vrat.” As a result, each Pradosh Vrat has a different significance depending on the day. But on some days, its significance multiplies.

This day is notable because it highlights the Pradosh Puja performed in temples, which includes Lord Shiva’s Abhishekham and the worship of Nandi, Shiva’s bull vahana. The main temple is then circled by a parade of Lord Shiva riding Nandi. Then a huge group of people gathers around the temples and continues to chant and sing. Those who adhere to this fast are blessed with good health and fortune. They are spiritually lifted after the Puja.

How To Ensure That This Fast Is Successful :

This fast is effective if it falls on the Monday of Krishna Paksha or the Saturday of Shukla Paksha. Additionally, if this fast falls on a Monday, it is thought to be very fruitful. The person who is going to fast needs to finish up their morning tasks before coming to Lord Shiva Temple to worship Lord Ganesha, Gauri, and Shiva. Having a meal just once makes you content and joyful. In addition to that, there are four Mondays in Shravan Month that should occur. A person who intends to observe the fast should eat in front of Lord Shiva.

Pradosh Vrat Katha :

A Brahmin widow in need of charity asked for donations to support her and her son. When she eventually made it back to her modest home, she discovered a child—presumably a prince—lying injured. The woman brought the hurt Prince home and gave him excellent care out of pure maternal love.

After some time had gone, the Prince was one day spotted by the Gandharva princess Anshumati. And she was impressed deeply by his charm A few days later, Anshumati and her parents went to the home of the lowly Brahmin to talk about being married. Lord Shiva then suggested to Anshumati’s parents in their dream that they marry the Prince to their daughter. As a result, Anshumati’s parents interpreted Lord Shiva’s directive as a blessing and gave the Prince her hand.

Prince eventually overcame his adversary and freed his captured parents. He also recovered his lost kingdom as a result. The Prince then invited the Brahmin mother and her son to his palace as a gesture of thanks. He thus provided those who supported him when he needed them the most a second chance at life

It’s interesting to note that the poor Brahmin woman always kept a vrat on Pradosh day. And the reason for this is that she was a fervent follower of Lord Shiva, and her dedication was fruitful. Therefore, Lord Shiva bestows his blessings upon those who follow a vrat on Pradosh with the highest confidence.

Pradosh Vrat Puja Vidhi :

Vrat observer should practice cleanliness, Satvikta, and Brahmacharya beginning on Dwadashi Tithi. After having a bath the following morning, the devotee should worship Lord Shiva. ‘Om Namah Shivay’ mantra recitation and ‘Jalabhishek’ on the Shivling are both required. If fasting is possible, the follower should not eat anything throughout the day, take a bath after sundown, and worship Lord Shiva.

Puja can be performed in a Mandir or at home. Lord Shiva should be worshipped with flowers, Belpatra, Panchamrit, Akshat, Bhang, Datura, Safed Chandan, milk, Dhoop, etc. The devotee should be seated towards the north or east. Perform “Jalabhishek” and chant the Shiva mantra and Shiva Chalisa. Prasad should be offered to the Lord after Aarti and Bhajan before being shared with others. Following the Puja, food should be provided to the Brahmins, and after receiving their blessings, Dakshina should be given.

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