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What Is Mandala Puja?

Mandala Puja is a crucial ritual at the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala. According to the traditional Malayalam calendar, it begins on the first day of the “Vrishchikam” month and lasts till the eleventh or twelfth day of the “Dhanu” Masam. The 41-day fast that Lord Ayyappa’s followers or enthusiasts observe ends on the day of Puja. The vrat begins 41 days before Mandala Puja, or the first day of the Malayalam month of “Vrishchikam,” is observed. The Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple hosts two notable events, “Makar Vilakku” and “Mandala Puja,” which draw devotees from all over Kerala and neighbouring states.

The temples are open for worshipers and followers for several days. It is customary for worshippers to visit the “Guruvayur Temple” in addition to the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple during the Mandala Puja. The remarkable “Abhishekam” ceremony is also held in the “Guruvayur Temple.” This year, Mandal Puja will be observed on 27 December 2022.

Mandala Puja About Lord Ayyappa

Hariharasuthan is another name for Lord Ayyappa (Hari Hara Putra – meaning son of Vishnu and Shiva). He is thought to be the Mohini avatar of Lord Vishnu and the son of Lord Shiva. According to legend, Lord Ayyappa was created to destroy Mahishi, Mahishasur’s sister, who wrecked devastation in the Devaloka. Mahishi sought a boon and underwent penance to appease Lord Brahma.

She skillfully prayed for a blessing that would protect her from passing away. The boon stated that the only person who could kill her was a male offspring of Shiva and Vishnu, which was nearly unheard of. She consequently thought she would live an invincible life. The Gods, however, were stronger. She was duped by Lord Vishnu, who pretended to be Mohini. As a result, King Rajashekhara of Pandalam nurtured Ayyappa and gave birth to him

Importance Of Mandala Puja 2022

Several Puranas explain the meaning of Puja. These religious texts state that only by doing Mandala may a person’s fate be modified for the better. Any person may perform this puja alone. However, each person may only execute it once in their lifetime.

If performed with complete commitment and attention, mandala puja is a very potent puja that fulfills all desires. After finishing the Puja, it has been observed that a person receives their desired outcome. The Puja ceremonies symbolize the 41 days of fasting. The rigour of the vratham during Puja aids in the purification of the soul. Everyone, including men and women, can see the austerity.

Puja Rituals For Mandala Puja 2022

  • The traditional and orthodox people of South India follow fasting as a crucial component of Puja with complete devotion and strictness.
  • For those who make the trek to the Sabarimala shrine, living a life of asceticism is also required. Devotees live a humble and devout life throughout the Puja season. Until they visit the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple, devotees wear a Rudraksha or Tulsi mala with Lord Ayyappa’s locket. After then, they remove the mala. During this time, the devotees are known as “Swami” or “Lord Ayyappan.”
  • Devotees must entirely abstain from worldly pleasures during the Mandala Puja season to maintain a pure body and mind.
  • During the Mandala Puja, all devotees attending the Sabarimala shrine must abstain from alcohol and smoking. It’s crucial to pray twice every day. They must abstain from sexual activity during this time and not offend anyone.
  • Makarasankranti Day is the lucky day during the Pooja. Makaravilakku is another name for Mandala Pooja. This event takes place between January 14 and 16. Every year. The Lord’s jewels are brought to the Old Pandalam Palace at Sabarimala as the procession goes.
  • You will see the Krishnaparuntu (the Brahminy Kite), considered Lord Vishnu’s vehicle, floating above all of this until the gems arrive at the palace. After then, it makes nine circuits above Sabarimala’s Sannidhanam as a tribute to Lord Ayappan.
  • The Makara Jyoti, which designates the ritual’s uniqueness, will be the lone star visible to us. The Ayappan idol is decorated with jewels at this time, and worshippers chant “Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa.” The star unexpectedly disappears after the Lord has been covered in jewels. The fortunate ritual comes to an end when a brilliant shine, known as Makaravilakku, flashes three times from the hills across from Sabarimala. The Mandala Puja vratham is also open to females over 50 and those between the ages of 1 and 9. These people are referred to as “Malikapuram.”

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