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On March 22, 2023, the first day of the nine-day Hindu festival, Shardiya Navratri, will be celebrated in honor of Goddess Shailputri ( Maa Shailputri ) . The nine days of Navratri are dedicated to the worship of the nine incarnations of Durga. Maa Shailputri is depicted as astride a bull, holding a lotus in one hand and a trident in the other; she is variously understood to be a version of Parvati and a reincarnation of Sati. Daughter of the mountains is the literal translation of her name, which is derived from the words shall (mountain) and putri (daughter).

Being a deity associated with the Muladhara Chakra, the place where stability and grounding are prioritized, many people worship Shailputri. Those who worship Maa Shailputri believe that she has control over the Moon, the source of all fortunes and that by doing so, they may protect themselves from the Moon’s negative consequences.

Who Is Mata Shailputri ?

Maa Shailputri , or Goddess Parvati, was born as Lord Himalaya’s daughter after Goddess Sati committed herself by fire (Hemavati or Parvati). Maa Shailputri rides atop a bull and has two hands, one of which she uses to hold the Trishul and the other to hold a lotus flower. Her predominantly white appearance conveys attributes of chastity, innocence, and restraint. Goddess Shailputri reincarnated as Sati and wed Lord Shiva, much like in her previous life.

Importance Of Maa Shailputri Puja:

Goddess Shailputri, the daughter of Himalaya (or Himavat), the King of Mountains (Parvatraj), and Maina, is honored on the first day of Navratri. Among her many guises, Maa Shailputri is among Maa Durga’s most well-known manifestations. The idol of Maa Shailputri depicts a goddess holding a flower in one hand and a trident in the other as she sits atop a bull.

Gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva have bestowed their divine powers upon the goddess Shailputri. According to astrology, the goddess Shailputri is in charge of the Moon. You may avoid the Moon’s negative impacts and keep your health in check just by singing Adi Shakti mantras.

Story And History Of Maa Shailputri :

Maa Shailputri was previously reincarnated as Sati, daughter of King Daksha. Even though King Daksha was against Lord Shiva, Goddess had her heart set on marrying him. God or goddess Sati wed the god or goddess Shiva. Once upon a time, King Daksha hosted a massive Yajna, to which he invited everyone except Lord Shiva. The goddess Sati was interested in going, so she consulted Lord Shiva about it.

Lord Shiva warned her against making an uninvited appearance, however, on the grounds that doing so would be unlucky. She nonetheless went to the Yajna despite his refusal, and King Daksha made fun of Lord Shiva when she returned home to her parents. When she finally snapped at her husband for insulting her, she felt so guilty that Lord Shiva tried to stop her from seeing her parents. Immediately after, she threw herself into the flames, died, and was reborn as the Himalayan princess Hima, who later wed the Shiva deity.

Puja And Rituals For Maa Shailputri Puja :

The adoration of the Goddess Shailputri kicks off the nine-day Navratri celebration. The puja begins with the rite of Ghatasthapana, a symbol of the power of women. The most important ceremony occurs on the first day of Navratri, known as Ghatasthapana. It is with these sacred and symbolic puja elements that the Ghatasthapana puja is carried out. Make a shallow pan out of clay and use that as the base. After the third layer of mud has dried, sprinkle the Sapta Dhanya/Navadhanya seeds into the pan. The roots must then be sprayed with water to ensure they receive an adequate amount of hydration.

Once you have a Kalasha, fill it with Ganga Jal. With some Supari, a few coins, some Akshat (raw rice mixed with turmeric powder), and some wet Durva grass, you may make a nice meal. Wrap five mango tree leaves around the Kalash’s neck, then top with coconut.

When carrying out this puja, it is essential that the correct procedures and puja muhurat be observed. Do not conduct this puja at night or on Amavasya. Since Ghatasthapana is a means of calling upon the divine Shakti, its performance is crucial.

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