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Fasting and festivities ( Ekadashi Vrat) are beginning in the new year, 2023, which will begin in a few days. On the second day of the new year, Putrada Ekadashi is observed. Hinduism places significant emphasis on the Ekadashi fast. People who observe the Ekadashi fast are said to receive special blessings from Lord Vishnu. There will be a total of 26 Ekadashis celebrated in 2023.

What Is Meant By Ekadashi Vrat?

Ekadashi occurs on the 11th day following the full and new moons. Every 40 to 48 days, the human system goes through a cycle known as a mandala. Three specific days in this cycle—which may vary from person to person and are not required to occur at regular intervals—occur when the body does not need eating. It’s not a good idea to force yourself to eat on those days. Many of your health problems will be resolved if you recognize such days in your life and refuse to feed the body.

What Is The Value Of Ekadashi Vrat Fasting :

According to Hindu holy writings like the “Brahma-Vaivarta Purana,” someone who observes the auspicious Rama Ekadashi fast will be free from all sins. That is why Rama Ekadashi has religious significance.

Everyone who hears the praises of Rama Ekadashi will enter Sri Hari Vishnu’s greatest abode. It is also said that celebrating Rama Ekadashi has more advantages than performing 100 Rajasuya Yagyas or 1000 Ashvamedha Yagyas. A person who devotedly worships God Vishnu on the day of Rama Ekadashi has a better possibility of achieving success and overcoming all obstacles.

Why Does Ekadashi Puja Vidhis Occur?

During the early morning prayer on this day, devotees should get up early and commit to fasting for the entire day. It is vital to worship Lord Vishnu using holy panchamrit, holy basil, holy Ganga water, and flowers. There are two ways to observe fasting: nirahar and falahar. After Lord Vishnu’s evening prayers, those who fast on this day may eat. However, Ekadashi Parana Vidhi is finished on the Dwadashi day after the fast.

What Is Parana Vidhi Ekadashi Vrat?

Ekadashi Vrat Parana is the term used to describe ending the Ekadashi fast. It is done after the sun rises on the day after Ekadashi or Dwadashi. The Dwadashi Tithi, also known as Hari vasar, is the sole day on which Ekadashi Parana should be conducted, and it should only be done at this time. On Dwadashi Tithi, it is thought that one should feed a Brahmin or assist the underprivileged.

What Can I Eat During Ekadashi?

  • One meal per day is the maximum you can eat. Don’t add salt to your dinner.
  • On this day, fresh fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy products are among the most popular foods.
  • As an alternative to cereals, people eat sabudana khichdi, which is made of sabudana, groundnuts, and potatoes.
  • Cereals of any kind are off-limits. On the day of Dashami, it is also forbidden to consume honey and dal (pulses). On this day, it’s especially forbidden to eat rice.
  • Alcohol and non-vegetarian food should both be avoided at all costs.
  • On Ekadashi, one must keep a complete fast. Some followers don’t even drink water, to be honest. The name of this fasting is Nirjala Ekadashi.

Guidelines For The Ekadashi Vrat :

  • Never eat any kind of cereal, grain, pea, or rice.
  • Milk, dried fruits, roots, and vegetables are allowed in moderation.
  • When observing the Ekadashi Vrat, avoid picking Tulsi leaves because it is believed that Lord Vishnu is offering Tulsi on Ekadashi and Dwadashi. The scriptures of Hinduism forbid it.
  • Asafoetida (hing) powder shouldn’t be used in preparations because it typically contains grains.
  • Non-vegetarian foods (meat, fish, eggs), mushrooms, alcohol, intoxicants (tobacco, cigarettes), and other tamasic foods are completely forbidden during the Ekadashi Vrat.

Benefits Of Observing Ekadashi Vrat:

In addition to the physical advantages of fasting, those who observe the fasts on Ekadashi also gain spiritual advantages. Fasting on Ekadashi is more beneficial than visiting temples and other sacred sites, making fire offerings, and doing aswamedha yajnas. A single Ekadashi fast is comparable to providing daily meals for 1,000 Brahmanas. It has several physical advantages and supports the body’s cleansing process. Additionally to enhancing the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and urinary systems, it cleanses the bowel system. It gives both physical and mental strength. According to popular belief, Lord Vishnu forgives the sins of his followers who observe the Ekadashi fast. One is said to be able to break free from the cycle of births and deaths by fasting on Ekadashi, as well as get the blessings of Lord Vishnu because of unwavering devotion to Lord Vishnu/Krishna.

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