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Devutthana Ekadashi Prabodhini Ekadashi, or Dev Uthani Gyaras are other names for the Ekadashi Tithi of Kartik, Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of the lunar fortnight). Devotees observe a day-long fast on this day, breaking it the following morning after sunrise when Dwadashi Tithi is in effect. Because it signals the end of the Chaturmas season, which is considered unlucky for holding auspicious events, the Devutthana Ekadashi is particularly important. Additionally, it coincides with the Tulsi Vivah, a day when the revered Tulsi wed Lord Vishnu’s Shri Krishna avatar in his Shaligram form. Continue reading to learn more about the Vrat Vidhi and the Devutthana Ekadashi , also known as Dev Uthani Ekadashi Katha.

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Devutthana Ekadashi significance

It is unlucky to get married, get a tonsillectomy, or have a housewarming during Chaturmas. During this time, devotees refrain from holding any significant good deeds and instead wait for it to end before planning such auspicious rituals. Thus, the Devutthana Ekadashi in 2022 would signal the start of the Indian wedding season. In Devutthana Ekadashi 2022, people observe a fast to release themselves from the burden of any sins they may have committed, and they also seek refuge in Vaikuntha after passing away. It is Lord Vishnu’s heavenly home.

Devutthana Ekadashi’s origin and history

The Chaturmass era comes to a close on the Ekadashi. It consists of the months of Shravana, Bhadrapada, Ashwin, and Kartik, and it ends on Devutthana Ekadashi. After four months, Lord Vishnu is said to awaken from his yogic slumber. Lord Vishnu sleeps on Adishesha’s coiling corpse on the ocean floor for these four months. It is Devutthana Ekadashi or Prabodhini Ekadashi on this day as he awakens. On the day after Devutthana Ekadashi, Lord Vishu is said to have wed Goddess Vrinda (Tulsi). From the day after Devutthana Ekadashi, many Indian homes also practice the Tulsi Vivah ceremony. On Devutthana Ekadashi, people offer prayers to the holy basil plant the following day.

Rituals followed on Prabodhini Ekadashi

On Prabodhini Ekadashi, worshippers bathe in revered rivers or bodies of water.

-The devotees who observe this vrat rise before dawn. After taking a bath, they go without food or water for the entire day.

-The vrat observer visits the temples of Lord Vishnu in the evening and takes part in the puja ceremonies performed there.

-A drawing of Lord Vishnu is painted on the worship site on the day of Dev Utthana Ekadashi.

-Fruits and vegetables are used to honor Lord Vishnu. Additionally, devotees design images of God on a Pounder (Okhli) and fill them with seasonal fruit, sugarcane, jujube, sweets, and water chestnut (Singhara). After that, put a lid on it.

-Children make loud noises and ignite mustard torches at night to awaken Lord Vishnu. Then, devotees pray to their lord to awaken from his nap and bestow blessings on everyone while singing bhakti songs or bhajans.

-Then, while chanting “Utho Deva, Batho Deva, Aanguria Chatkao Deva, Nayi Soot, Nayi Kapas, Deva Uthaye Kartik Masa,” devotees blast the Shankha.

-To awaken Lord Vishnu, you can chant the Devutthana Ekadashi Mantra.

“उत्तिष्ठोत्तिष्ठगोविन्द त्यजनिद्रांजगत्पते।

त्वयिसुप्तेजगन्नाथ जगत् सुप्तमिदंभवेत्॥

उत्तिष्ठोत्तिष्ठवाराह दंष्ट्रोद्धृतवसुन्धरे।


Dates and Times for Devutthana Ekadashi in 2022

Devutthana Ekadashi: November 4, 2022, on Friday

Parana Time: From 06:47 to 09:01 on November 5, 2022

End of Parana Day Dwadashi: 05:06 pm, Novemver 5, 2022

Start of Ekadashi Tithi: November 3, 2022, 7:30 p.m.

End of Ekadashi Tithi: November 4, 2022, at 06:08.

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