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One of the most important rituals in Hindu culture is Akshaya Navami. According to the Hindu calendar, this event is observed on the ninth day (Navami) of Kartik month during the Shukla Paksha. It is observed in October or November, depending on the Gregorian calendar. Any type of charity deed on Akshaya Navami’s eve benefits the watchers in their current and next birth.

According to Hindu mythology, the day of Akshaya Navami is also known as “Satya Yugadi” since it is thought that this day marks the beginning of the Satyug period. As the Treta Yuga began on this day, it is comparable to Akshaya Tritiya and is referred to as Treta Yugadi. The day is very fortunate and auspicious for carrying out the different Daan Punya actions.

Since followers revere the Amla tree as the home of numerous Goddesses and Gods, the day is known as “Amla Navami” in some regions of the country. Prosperity and joy are bestowed upon devotees who perform the Mathura-Vrindavan Parikrama on this day. Devotees from many walks of life come together to execute the rites to reap various blessings.

Date for Akshaya Navami in 2022 and Shubh Muhurat

The Shukla Paksha of Kartik month’s Navami date this year will begin at 11.04 p.m. on November 1 and terminate at 09.09 p.m. on November 2. The period for worship on Akshaya Navami is from 06:34 in the morning to 12:04 in the afternoon on November 2.

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What does Navami represent ?

The celebration of Akshaya Navami is immensely significant in the Hindu religion. It is observed with the highest zeal and devotion. The devotees can fulfill all of their aspirations and achieve salvation, or “moksha,” by praying on this day. Giving to charity and doing good deeds are very encouraging. The day is also known as “Kushmanda Navami” because it was on this particular day when Lord Vishnu defeated the demon “Kushmanda” and halted the expansion of Adharma throughout the cosmos.

The mythological story behind Akshaya Navami

There was a childless person in Kashi, the home of Lord Vishwanath. He had frequently begged God to grant him a child, but all of his prayers had been in vain. One day, a neighbor lady offered his wife a solution: they should offer a child as a sacrifice to Lord Bhairav to win the Lord’s favor and receive a child. Her spouse flatly disputed this when she told him about it. Even Nevertheless, the mother decided to offer a kid as a sacrifice to Bhairav. When she had the opportunity, the woman sacrificed a girl in the well one day in honor of Bhairav. She sinned murder by doing this, which resulted in her contracting leprosy all over her body.

When her husband learned of this, he informed her that she had contracted leprosy all over her body because of the sin of cow, Brahmin, and child slaughter. The woman went to Mother Ganga’s sanctuary at her husband’s request, described the entire incident to her, and pleaded with Goddess Ganga to pardon her sins and cure her of the illness. On the Navami (ninth day) of Kartik Shukla Paksha, Mother Ganga advised her to worship the gooseberry (Amla) tree and partake of Amla. The woman followed Mother Ganga’s directions to the letter, which allowed her to be leprosy-free. In addition, after observing a brief fast, she was given the gift of a child. Since then, this fast has been observed by people by rites. Because of this, it is referred to as Amla Navami.

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On Akshaya Navami or Amla Navami, take a bath and pledge to worship. You should ask for pleasure, wealth, and health in exchange for worshipping Amla. Then, dispense water close to the gooseberry tree that faces east. Do seven laps around the tree and offer camphor in an aarti. Give food to the needy under the tree while eating some of it.

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