About Goddess Katyayani:

Goddess Katyayani is called Katyayani because she is the wise man Katyayana’s daughter. One of Maa Durga’s strongest incarnations is the warrior-goddess known as Katyayani. Mahishasura is thought to have been conquered by this avatar. She was brought by a guru named Katya, hence the name Katyayani. With four hands and a lion as a mount, Katyayani wields the Abaya and Vara mudras in her two right hands while using her two left hands to hold a sword and a lotus.

People aware of her ability level frequently ask her to grant their requests. Buddhist, Jain, and various Tantric scriptures all reference her strength. One can receive her blessings by focusing their meditation on the Third Eye Chakra, which is thought to be where she resides.

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Katyayani Mata online puja

Benefits of worshipping Katyayani mata:

This Mantra might change your life if you are unable to marry the person you want due to any slight to a serious problem. As soon as you’ve finished repeating the Mantra for all the times specified on this page, you’ll start to experience benefits.

If you are the mother and you are seeing your daughter suffer from loneliness, recite the Katyayani Mantra for a few days, and you’ll see those marriage proposals start coming in for your daughter. This Mantra is also highly beneficial for couples who deeply love one another but cannot wed because of unforeseen circumstances. If your parents don’t agree with your decision to marry the person you choose, recite this Mantra, and you’ll see how the planets will affect your parents to convince them to support your decision.

The Katyayani Goddess’s Story:

A long time ago, a sage named Katyayana was a fervent follower of the goddess Shakti. He had always wished to be the father of the goddess Shakti. The gods had started to worry about a wicked demon named Mahishasura at this time because he was growing stronger every day. They begged the goddess Shakti to protect them from Mahishasura’s fury in their prayers.

Goddess Shakti decided to become his daughter and murder Mahishasur after observing the sage Katyayana’s devotion. Growing up, Katyayani became a powerful, attractive, and talented fighter. When Chandha and Mundha first met Katyayani, they were enthralled by her beauty and returned to their master to tell him about her. Immediately, Mahishasura instructed his additional messenger Dundubhi to visit Katyayani and speak with her.

When Dundubhi went to meet Katyayani with Mahishasura’s proposal, she grinned and informed Dundubhi that he would need to defeat her in a fight to marry her, following family tradition. Mahishaura concurred with Dundubhi’s demands after hearing the same from her.

Mahishasura and Katyayani got into a physical fight in which the latter turned into a buffalo, and the former battled him. She soon ascended to his back. Mahishasyra, taken aback by this action, made valiant attempts to shake her off but to no avail. Then, with her Trishul (trident) piercing Mahishasura’s neck from behind, Katyayani hacked off his head.

Puja vidhi of Katyayani mata:

Step 1: the procedure is to get a crimson Chandan Jaapa Maala and start chanting this Mantra.

Step 2: Make sure you dress in red, if you can, and present red flowers to the image of this goddess. If you don’t have a picture of the goddess, you can always put red flowers there and visualize her standing before you.

Step 3: Remember that you must recite this Mantra 1,25,000 times. You can chant on your Jalapa Maala for 12 days because you can’t accomplish it all at once. It would go beyond the specified amount.

Step 4: On the final day, make a wish and picture of getting married happily with the consent of everyone who is opposing it. If you wish for a new lover, picture that person in your mind’s eye and act as though your desire has come true.

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The Mantra:

ॐ देवी कात्यायन्यै नमः॥

Om Devi Katyayanyai Namah॥