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Vishwakarma Puja is very important in the Hindu religion. In this diverse country of India, there is hardly any such month when there is no festival, sometimes pooja, sometimes fasting, sometimes Diwali, or sometimes Holi. There is no god or god for all the necessary ingredients and elements to make life successful in our books. Today we know about one such worship, which is known as Vishwakarma Puja.

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Vishwakarma Puja Atva Jayanti is celebrated every year in India on the Gregorian date i.e. 17 September in Odisha, Karnataka, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Tripura. This puja/Jayanti is often celebrated as a major festival in factories and industrial areas. Lord Vishwakarma is considered the creator of the world and on his birthday, craftsmen and worship of the deities are also organized. This day falls on the ‘Kanya Sankranti’ of the Hindu calendar.

Vishwakarma puja date – online puja and live darshan

Vishwakarma puja date on Saturday, September 17, 2022
Vishwakarma puja Sankranti moment 7:36
Vishwakarma Jayanti 14 February 2012
Two types of worship methods on this day have been described, before worshiping we know the worship mantra and aarti of Vishwakarma.
पजू न मत्रं : ” ॐ आधार शक्तपेनम: और ॐ कूमयि नम:।
ॐ अनन्तम नम:, ॐ पथिृ थिव्यैनम:।।”

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On the morning of Vishwakarma day, take a holy bath, clean the place of worship (which should be in contact with the ground), and sanctify the place of worship by sprinkling Ganges water. Take a clean post and spread a yellow cloth on it. Make a swastika symbol on yellow cloth with red kumkum. While meditating on Lord Shri Ganesh, bow to him. After this, offer rice and flowers on the swastika, then put the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu (the creator of the universe) and Lord Shri Vishwakarma Ji on that post.

Light a lamp and place it on a pillar, start the worship by applying tilak on the forehead of Lord Vishnu and Rishi Vishwakarma. While saluting Lord Vishwakarma Ji and Vishnu Ji, remember them in your mind. Also, pray that he will show you all the paths to progress in your job and business. There is a law to chant the mantra of Vishwakarma Ji 108 times, then worship Lord Vishnu with reverence and worship Vishwakarma Ji. After the aarti, offer them fruits and sweets, etc., definitely distribute this bhog among all the people and employees.

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To worship Lord Vishwakarma , start the worship of Lord Vishwakarma by wearing good and clean clothes after taking a bath in the morning. Keep Akshat, turmeric, flowers, betel leaves, cloves, betel nut, sweets, fruits, incense, lamp, and Raksha sutra at the time of worship. Apply turmeric and rice to the tools you want to worship, as well as burn incense sticks and incense sticks. After this, make a rangoli of flour and place 7 types of grains on that rangoli. After that fill water in a vessel and put it on the Rangoli, after doing the Aarti of Lord Shri Vishnu and Vishwakarma Ji. After the aarti, distribute prasad to everyone by offering bhog to Vishwakarma Ji and Shri Vishnu Ji. After this, offer Rakshasutra to the Kalash with turmeric and rice, after that chant mantras while worshiping, chanting mantras 108 times is considered auspicious. After the worship is over, distribute the prasad among all the people.

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Vishwakarma Puja Significance

Lord Vishwakarma is worshiped because according to ancient texts he is considered the first architect. It is believed that if you worship iron and machines kept in the house every year, then they do not spoil quickly. At the same time, the business expands

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