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The Pradosh Vrat, also referred to as Trayodashi Vrat, is the easiest way to win the favor of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The Trayodashi Tithi of both Pakshas is when the Pradosh Vrat is observed. In such a case, the Saturday-falling Pradosh Vrat is referred to as Shani Pradosh or Shani Trayodashi Vrat. Natives will observe this fast today, Saturday, 5 November 2022. Any local can easily receive the blessings of Lord Shani and Lord Shiva and see their aspirations come true by adhering to the Vrat Vidhi of Shani Pradosh Vrat.

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Fast and mythological importance of Shani Trayodashi

Pradosh Vrat, or fasting, is regarded as the most effective means to win Lord Shiva’s favor in the Hindu religion and culture. The fast observed on this day enables one to continue to experience positive outcomes. As a result, it is thought that those locals who observe fast and worship Lord Shiva fervently grow quite close to him, and Mahadev removes every obstacle in their lives.

Additionally, the worried inhabitants are now qualified to receive salvation hereafter. Numerous religious traditions surrounding this Pradosh Vrat claim the benefits of fasting on this day are comparable to giving 100 cows in charity and performing Kanyadaan. The Shaundi sages and the Vedic scholar Sutji are thought to have discussed this fast during their conversation.

He predicted that there would be a strong tendency toward injustice within humanity and across the cosmos during the Kali Yuga. They will discover that Pradosh Vrat is the sole method of remorse, enabling them to return good acts to this world.

What to remember during the Shani Trayodashi fast ?

Lord Shiva and Shani are honored, particularly during the morning and evening hours of the Shani Trayodashi Vrat. During this season, performing the Vrat Puja in the evening is seen to be the most fortunate. Every Shiva and Shani temple chants the Shani Pradosh Mantra in the evening on this specific Tithi. It would increase the auspiciousness of the Shani Pradosh Vrat, and additional guidelines have been given to follow while keeping the fast. Following are a few of them.

  • Get up early and take a holy bath on the day of the Shani Trayodashi fast. Wear fresh or clean clothing later.
  • After then, observe the Sun with your bare eyes while offering it Arghya.
  • Visit a Shiva temple after that and present the Shivling with Bel Patra, Akshat, lamps, Dhoop (incense), Ganga water, etc.
  • Afterward, go to a temple dedicated to Lord Shani and offer black sesame seeds and mustard oil without touching the idol.
  • Additionally, light a four-faced mustard oil lamp inside a Shani shrine and one beneath a peepal tree. Take an oath to observe the Trayodashi fast after that.
  • Natives who follow this fast cannot eat anything throughout the day.
  • You are encouraged to stick to a fruit diet and have one meal in the evening if it is not practicable.
  • Take a bath before dusk on the day of Shani Trayodashi, and dress in white.
  • The altar should next be cleansed with plain water or Gangajal.
  • You can also use different colored Rangoli to beautify the altar during this time.
  • Chant “Om Namah Shivay” or ” ” (the Shiva Mantra) continuously.
  • Purify Lord Shiva’s idol at the pradosh Kaal with Panchamrit (curd, milk, gay, sugar, and honey), and then use water to further cleanse Mahadev’s idol.
  • Lastly, bring offerings to the Lord using Roli, Moli, rice, incense, lamps, etc.

Shani Trayodashi mantra

ॐ श्री शनिदेवाय: नमों नमः|

ॐ श्री शनिदेवाय: शान्ति भवः|

ॐ श्री शनिदेवाय: शुभम फलः|

ॐ श्री शनिदेवाय: फलः प्राप्ति फलः|

Meaning: “SaIutation to Lord Shani who grants one’s life with tranquility, success, and prosperity.”

Benefit: Shani’s blessing enables one to overcome physical and mental limitations through perseverance and patience.

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