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The Rohini Vrat is a significant fast observed by the Jain faith. The day of Rohini Nakshatra is the day when one observes this fasting. So, Rohini Vrat is the name given to this fast. The Rohini fast is broken at the end of the Rohini Nakshatra. After Rohini Nakshatra, follows Margashirsha Nakshatra. Rohini Vrat occurs 12 times a year or once a month. Falahar is finished before dusk because no one eats at night.

One performs the fast continuously for three, five, or seven years. If we’re talking about the right amount of time, that would be five years, five months. Udyapan puts an end to this fast. Males and females can both complete this fast. However, most womens observe this fast. In the Jain community, this fast has specific effects and aids in breaking free from karma’s bonds.

Why do people observe Rohini Vrat?

Jainism encourages rigorous spiritual disciplines. While saints adhere to stringent norms, the general public is given some latitude in the Jain community’s spiritual rituals. Since women in Jain households typically find it challenging to adhere to stringent fasts, the Rohini vrat aids them in doing so without incident.

When ladies observe the Rohini vrat, their husbands and close relatives are also blessed. The fast encourages tolerance, restraint, and internal harmony. It enables one to overcome all challenges in life and restrain desires. This aids in fostering understanding and positive values within the family. Normally, only the women of the family observe the Rohini Vrat, but in certain families, everyone participates. The women worship Bhagavan Vasupujya and ask for the family’s well-being on the day of the Rohini vrat.

The women offer prayers for abundance and an improvement in their quality of life. Women observe the Rohini vrat to ensure a long and happy marriage and the long life of their husbands. With the rise of the Margashirsha Nakshatra, women break their fast. There are 27 constellations mentioned in religious writings, and Rohini is one of them. Every month, the Rohini nakshatra rises on the 27th day. Therefore, the women of the Jain community observe Rohini Vrat once every 27 days when the Rohini Nakshatra (star) rises in the sky after sunrise.

The mythological history and story behind Rohini vrat :

Lord Mahavir led an austere lifestyle and promoted nonviolence and peace. Twenty-three of his holy men, known as Tirthankaras or pathfinders came before him, and he is regarded as the founder of Jainism. These trailblazers practiced intense spiritual meditation and led ascetic lives. According to devotees, Lord Mahavir was adamant that the goal of human birth—self-realization—can only be attained by someone who overcomes his connection to his physical body. For those ready to give up worldly pleasures and dedicate themselves to spiritual life, Jainism depicts an ascetic life of total renunciation. However, without revealing themselves to excess, people in typical domestic life are permitted to adhere to Jainism’s rules and have normal lives.

What advantages does Rohini Vrat offer ?

Women participate in the Rohini vrat to ensure their husbands’ longevity and health. This fasting also eliminates poverty and promotes riches. Clearing up misunderstandings between partners fosters a peaceful and joyful home environment. Women can contribute to maintaining calm and peace at home while also feeling serene.

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Method for performing the Rohini Vrat Puja :

One should rise at Brahma Muhurta and thoroughly clean the house on this day. After this, one should tidy the house after having a bath and retiring from all usual activities.

Take a bath meditation using water that contains Gangajal, then make a fasting pledge.

Perform aamchan to purify yourself.

Water is first offered to the Sun God. In Jainism, eating dinner during this fast is prohibited. Consume the fruits before the sun sets.

Date and timings for Vrat :

November Rohini Vrat 2022

Thursday, 10 November 2022

Begins: 10 November 2022 at 03:09 am

Ends: 11 November 2022 at 05:08 am

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