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Rajasthan’s Rajput princess was named Meerabai. She had a strong devotion to Krishna. Despite being born and married into a royal family, she went through great pain and suffering because of her devotion to and love for Lord Krishna. The best and most moving poems in Indian literature still belong to her collection of verses for Lord Krishna. A poetess associated with the Bhakti movement, Meera Bai. The anniversary of Meera Bai’s birth is not documented in history. However, Meerabai’s birth anniversary is celebrated on the day of Sharad Purnima.

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Who was Meera Baai?

The largest follower of Bhagwan Krishna is regarded as Meera Bai. Meera Bai was devoted to Bhagwan Krishna her entire life, and legend has it that she passed away inside the idol of the Almighty. There are no known historical accounts of Meera Bai’s birth anniversary. However, she was born in the Hindu lunar calendar on Sharad Purnima day. The life of Meera Bai is still shrouded in mystery in many ways. Some details about the life and passing of Meera Bai have been revealed, according to the book Bhakta-Charitanka published by Geetapress Gorakhpur.

The early life of Meera Bai:

Meerabai’s mother passed away when she was two years old. She was raised by her grandfather, Rao Duda Singh Ji, after her mother’s death. The founder of Jodhpur, Rao Duda Singh Ji, was a direct ancestor of Rao Jodhaji Rathore. Meerabai’s grandfather was a devout follower of Lord Vishnu and possessed a strong sense of religion. Meerabai had grown up spending time with her grandfather and was deeply moved by his religious beliefs. She became interested in Lord Krishna’s worship from a very young age.

When Meerabai reached marriageable age, her family members began discussing her nuptials. Meerabai didn’t want to get married because she wanted Lord Krishna to be her spouse. Even at that point, against her preferences, she was wed to Maharaja Kumar Bhojraj, Udaipur’s ruler, and Maharaja Rana Sanga’s older son, a member of the Sisodia family of Mewar. After a few years of marriage, Mirabai’s husband, Bhojraj perished in a battle; as a result, she came to regard Shree Krishna as her spouse and spent the rest of her days immersed in worshipping him.

Meera bai: the Great Hindu Poetess

Great Hindu poet Meerabai wrote several poems, lines, and stanzas for Lord Krishna. In approximately three hundred poems that Meerabai wrote, her love for Lord Krishna is manifested immensely. She wrote numerous pieces in languages, including Gujarati, Gujarati, and Rajasthani.

With complete reverence and devotion, people still repeat the poetry and Bhajan of Meerabai, the Bhakti Ras’s beloved. Some well-known compositions of Meerabai include Narsi ji’s Myra, Meerabai’s Malar, Geet Govind Teeka, the verse from Raag Sorath, Raag Govind, Raag Vihaga, and Garba. In addition, the book “Meerabai’s Padavali” contains a compilation of Meerabai’s songs.

A devotee of Bhagwan Krishna since childhood:

Meera Bai, the sole child of Rathore Ratan Singh of Jodhpur, was raised in a culture of Krishna devotion. From his boyhood until his death, he thought of Krishna as his everything since his conception of Krishna was formed by Meerabai’s Balman. His devotion to Krishna peaked as a result of a childhood incident. When he was young, a procession stopped at a wealthy area resident. On the terrace, all the women were gathered to witness the parade. Meerabai joined the others at the terrace to observe the parade. When Meera questioned her mother who her bridegroom was after seeing the procession, Meera Bai’s mother responded mockingly, “This is your bride, this is like a knot in Meerabai’s balaman,” and pointed to the statue of Bhagwan Shri Krishna. She moved on and began to consider Krishna to be her.

Ceremonies and rituals:

Meera Bai is not honored in any temples. She is regarded as the very definition of dedication. Every year, on the auspicious event of Meerabai’s birth anniversary, the Chittorgarh district officials together organize a three-day Meera Mahotsav with the participation of renowned singers and musicians. During these three days, puja ceremonies, debates, and musical performances occur. Temples of Lord Krishna organize unique pujas and kirtans across the nation that use Meerabai’s lovely, lyrical bhajans.

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