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Maharishi Valmiki is a well-known author and sage, and his birthday is celebrated as Valmiki Jayanti every 9th of October. Maharishi Valmiki wrote the Hindu epic Ramayana. He was the first poet to write in Sanskrit. The Ramayana, which describes the life of Lord Ram and has 24,000 words divided into seven “Kandas,” was composed in Sanskrit (cantos). To pay homage to this revered saint, Valmiki Jayanti is observed. This day, also known as “Pragat Divas,” is joyfully observed in the northern parts of India.

What is the importance of maharishi Valmiki Jayanti?

Hinduism places great religious significance on Valmiki Jayanti because it recognizes Maharishi Valmiki’s unparalleled contributions. The Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and several Puranas are among his best works. The celebration of Valmiki Jayanti honors a great saint whose teachings encouraged people to fight for social justice by conquering their obstacles. He supported Lord Ram’s principles and praised him as a decent and humble person.

Story of Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti : Ayodhya Ram Mandir

According to legends, Maharishi Valmiki met Lord Rama while in exile. Lord Rama saved and protected Sita after he asked her to leave the kingdom of Ayodhya. She gave birth to twins named Luv and Kush in his ashram. They were taught the Ramayana as children by the great sage, which contains 24,000 verses (shlokas) and seven cantos (kandas).

Another widely held belief is that Ratnakar, a road robber, was Valmiki in his youth. On the banks of the Ganges, he was born to the legendary Indian sage Prachetasa. He was born with the name Ratnakara. He was raised as the hunter’s son after being found as a young child wandering in the jungle. He became a bandit in addition to being a hunter like his foster father. He eventually runs into Maharishi Narada and attempts to rob him. He was a thief and killer before meeting Narad Muni. Narad Muni converted him into a devout follower of Lord Rama.

Although the exact day and hour of Maharishi Valmiki’s birth are unknown, it is generally accepted that he was born about 500 BCE. He was given the name Valmiki, which means “one sprung from anthills,” after a divine voice declared his penance effective after years of meditation. He used the name Adi Kavi to reflect his standing as the earliest poet in Sanskrit literature. Hindus have continued to recite his compositions, particularly the well-known epic Ramayana.

Rituals performed on Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti:

The revered poet and saint Valmiki Jayanti is honored. In some towns and villages, a procession carries Valmiki’s statue. Prayers are presented in his photo in several places. Hindu believers joyfully worship him on this day.

Maharishi Valmiki is honored at several temples around India. These temples are artistically decorated with flowers for the Valmiki Jayanti celebration. Several incense sticks are lit, creating a calm and tidy atmosphere. Kirtans and bhajans are sung in these temples. On this day, many worshipers go to Lord Rama’s shrines and read a few Ramayana lines commemorating Maharishi Valmiki. The poor and those in need receive free food on Valmiki Jayanti. Today is the day of giving.

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India-Wide Valmiki ji Celebrations:

Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated with excitement in the northern parts of India, especially among adherents of Hinduism. People take part in large procession events called Shobha Yatras on this day. They march reverently through the streets of the Valmiki district carrying pictures of a priest wearing saffron robes and holding a plume and paper. The temples of the sage are decorated with flowers and lights, and devotees offer free food and recite prayers there.

On this day, all of India’s temples to Maharishi Valmiki are decorated with flowers since followers of the Balmiki sect regard him as a manifestation of God. The oldest temple in Chennai is located at Thiruvanmiyur and is thought to be 1,300 years old. Because Valmiki slept here after finishing the Ramayana, and the temple was built later, the significance of this temple increased. The temple’s current location is on the East Coast road known as Valmiki Nagar.

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