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Dev Diwali is observed in remembrance of Lord Shiva’s victory over the asura. This year, November 7 is the day to celebrate. Kartik Purnima falls on the same day as Dev Diwali. On the fifth day of the Kartik Purnima Tithi, which begins on the Ekadashi Tithi of Kartik Shukla Paksha, the festival of Dev Diwali is celebrated.

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History Dev Diwali 2022

Legend has it that the demon Tarakasura had three sons: Tarakasksha, Vidyunmail, and Kamalasksha. The fervent penance of Lord Brahma blessed them all. Their devotion touched Lord Brahma, who bestowed upon them immortality. The universal rule protected them, and Lord Brahma gave them the blessing that a single arrow could only slay them. Demons then caused commotion and destruction. Lord Shiva decided to approach this on his terms. He adopted the Tripurari or Tripurantaka persona. He eradicated the devils with a single arrow and spread joy and harmony to the entire world.

Importance of Dev Diwali festival:

Tarakaksha, Vidyunmali, and Kamalaksha were the three sons of a demon named Tarakasura. And the group had made a sincere effort to obtain Lord Brahma’s blessings. The trio requested the blessing of immortality as Lord Brahma appeared in front of them, pleased by their devotion. However, because the blessing went against the principles of the cosmos, Brahma declined to bestow it.

Instead, he gave them a boon that guaranteed they wouldn’t perish until all three of them were shot with a single arrow. After receiving Brahma’s blessing, the trio threatened civilization and wreaked havoc in the three worlds.

Because of this, Lord Shiva assumed the form of Tripurari or Tripurantaka and used a single arrow to dispatch all three demons. Thus, Lord Shiva brought about peace by vanquishing Tripurasura.

Dev Diwali celebration and activities:

You can tell that the Diwali holidays have begun when you see houses and other structures decked out with a slew of diyas and lightning. Even after Diwali is over, the celebrations continue in India. It is because, after 11 days of colorful Diwali, people also celebrate Dev Diwali. In addition, till midnight on this day, people enjoy popping fireworks. Oil lights were released into the holy river.

On full moon days, the most revered bath is Kartik Snan (holy dive in the sacred rivers). As a result, many devotees travel to Varanasi to bathe in the Ganges River. Beginning on Prabodhini Ekadashi (the eleventh day of the Kartik month), Dev Diwali lasts till Kartik Purnima. Evening ceremonies are carried out at this time on the Ganga’s ghat. Every city and street in India is decked with little diyas and colorful lights in addition to Aarti.

During Dev Diwali, many tourists and devotees travel to India to see the vibrant scenery. After the Rituals, folks visit a local temple to remember God and Goddess. They also ask the Almighty for blessings.

The Ganga Mahotsav festival:

On Dev Diwali, many people take part in the Ganga Mahotsav. On this unique occasion, devotees travel to Varanasi to enjoy the natural beauty and religious events. It displays Indian ancestry and culture and also indicates when the festivities start. Additionally, people attend fairs to participate in cultural performances, events, classical music, martial arts, and much more. The city and its ghats are illuminated on the day of Dev Diwali with so many lights that they outshine the stars in the skyline.

Dev Diwali dates, muhurats, and tithi for 2022

2022 Dev Diwali Date: November 7, 2022, Monday

Deepavali Muhurat 2022: 05:14 to 07:49

Pradosh Kaal Dev: 02 hours and 35 minutes

Beginning on November 7, 2022, at 4:15 p.m.

End of Purnima Tithi: November 8, 2022, at 04:31

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