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As the relation of Gopa Ashtami is with Lord Krishna, it has great religious significance for Hindus. This festival is observed on Ashtami Tithi, the eighth day of Shukla Paksha, the month of Kartik in the Hindu calendar. Today, November 1, 2022, is Gopashtami, observed this year. This festival is primarily observed in the Braj regions of Vrindavan, Mathura, Dwarka, and Nathdwara.

What is Gopa ashtami’s significance?

Hinduism reveres cows as the symbol of its religion and way of life. They are revered as Hindu gods because they are thought to be pure. According to Hindu mythology, the various deities, goddesses, and gods are thought to reside inside a cow, and as a result, they hold a special place in the Hindu religion. They are seen as another manifestation of Goddess Earth and are thought to possess spiritual and divine attributes. According to Hindu mythology, those who worship cows on the eve of Gopashtami are granted happiness and good fortune. Additionally, it aids followers in fulfilling their aspirations.

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Why Do People Celebrate Gopa Ashtami ?

The Puranas tell a tale of how Lord Krishna once stopped the inhabitants of Braj from making their yearly offerings to Lord Indra. Lord Indra was enraged with Lord Krishna as soon as he learned about this. Lord Indra made the awful decision to make rain on Braj in that fit of rage. After then, Braj saw a significant downpour. Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain on his little finger and safeguarded everyone beneath it, shielding the people and animals of Braj from the wrath of Lord Indra.

After seven continuous days of torrential rains with no sign of the inhabitants of Braj feeling the effects of Indra’s anger, Indra conceded defeat and ceased the rain. The Shukla Paksha Ashtami of the Kartik month fell on this day. Since then, people have been celebrating Gopa Ashtami.

What is the periodic story behind Gopa ashtami ?

There are numerous stories concerning Gopashtami celebrations. As per Hindu mythology, cows are the most sacred and have great importance. According to legend, it was on Gopashtami that Nand Maharaj first dispatched Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram to herd the cows as they both reached the Pauganda age, or between the ages of 6 and 10 years. They were in charge of herding the cows as of this particular day.

According to tradition, Lord Indra has sought to show off his skill to everyone in Vrindavan because of his ego. He then decided to flood the whole Brij region to force everyone to bow before the deity, which led to severe rains that lasted for seven days.

Lord Krishna hoisted the Govardhan Parvat on his little finger to save the area and its inhabitants and offered shelter to all living things. Lord Indra realized his error on the seventh day, and the rains stopped. He asked Lord Krishna for pardon. Lord Indra and Lord Krishna received milk from Surbhi the cow, who also proclaimed Lord Krishna to be Govinda, the rightful lord of cows. Despite being the eighth day, or Ashtami, that particular day is observed as Gopashtami.

Puja and rituals of ashtami 2022

-On this day, get up early and bathe the cows.

-Then, honor the cow, perform its Puja with flowers and other offerings, and touch its feet.

-Now circle the cow a few times (do Parikrama).

-You must dress the cows appropriately for this day with jewelry and brightly colored clothing.

-The cows need to be adequately fed as well.

-Perform the Panchopchar Puja for the cows in the evening and give them a good meal.

-Take some of the mud from the cow’s feet and apply it to your forehead to finish.

-Put an end to the Puja by honoring the cows.

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