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Goddess Kushmanda:

The fourth day of Navratri is dedicated to worshipping Goddess Kushmanda, the fourth manifestation of the Nava Durga. Ku stands for little, Ushma for energy, and Anda for the cosmic egg. As a result, the Goddess is the universe’s energy source. Here, the entire cosmos is depicted as an egg, and Devi is tasked with dispelling the gloom with her heavenly smile. Goddess Parvati thought to reside in the sun’s core and release energy into the universe, assumed the form of Goddess Kushmanda. She has healing abilities and is as radiant as the sun. The Goddess has eight hands and rides a lioness. In her left hand, she has Amrit Kalash, Jap Mala, Gada, and Chakra, while in her right, she has Kamandal, Dhanush, Bada, and Kamal.

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History and origin of Goddess Kushmanda:

It takes place during a time when the universe was just a huge, dark emptiness. Nowhere could be found any signs of the outside world. But suddenly, a glorious light that is always present spread forth and illuminated every crevice of the nothingness. This ocean of light had no shape. It started to take on a precise form and eventually took on the appearance of a Divine Lady. She was the very embodiment of Goddess Kushmanda. The universe was created as a result of Goddess Kushmanda’s silent smile. She was responsible for creating the cosmic egg. The darkness vanished completely with her smile, giving rise to a completely new cosmos. With her quiet grin, she infused the universe with life and light.

The earth, the sun, planets, stars, galaxies, and all other celestial bodies were made. But the Sun God was necessary for the world to support life. The Goddess, therefore, positioned herself between the sun. She then evolved into the source of vital energy and light. The sun’s force is embodied in Goddess Kushmanda, who gives the planet life. As a result, when she sits inside the Sun God’s core, she is the source of all energy. She exuded a body of energy from her smile. And light and creation emerged from that powerful energy. When Gods, lower-class people, or other celestial entities honour her, she always grins.

Significance of Kushmanda Puja:

The apparition of Maa Kushmanda may represent a source of power that is constantly active in eliminating and repressing evil. However, Maa is calm, kind, and tranquil in the eyes of her followers. You can gain much respect, fame, and glory by worshipping Maa Chrandraghanta. Maa also aids in your spiritual awakening. Her idol, which stands for beauty and bravery, offers you the willpower to ward off bad vibes and fends off all the problems in your life.

Kushmanda Puja Vidhi:

According to Vidhi-Vidhan, after taking just a few steps down the devotee’s road of devotion, the devotee experiences the subtleties of his grace. For the devotee, this depressing situation becomes delightful and simple. The easiest and most direct route for people to leave Bhavsagar freely is through her adoration. As much as possible, the boastful married woman should be revered on this day. Fruits are offered following the dry fruits and dried fruits, yoghurt, and halva during the meal. Good luck to the woman also makes the mother happy and gives her followers the results they desire.

  • Devotees install and worship the Kalash on this fourth day of Navratri before praying to the Goddess.
  • The worshippers hold water in their palms and make a Sankalp (promise) in front of the Goddess.
  • It is lucky to perform this Puja while seated in a green-coloured asana.
  • Give Mata Kushmanda water and flowers to receive her blessings for your and your loved ones’ health.
  • If you have a family member who is terminally ill, ask Mata for specific graces for an early recovery.
  • Give flowers, dhoop, and other gifts to the Goddess’s idol.
  • As much as you can, give Mata Kushmanda fruits.
  • After the Puja, show respect to the house’s elders and give prasad.

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The Advantages of Kushmanda Puja:

  • Goddess Kushmanda possesses the ability to resolve any issues that crop up in a person’s Janam Kundli fifth and ninth houses.
  • She aids in obtaining financial independence.
  • Her Puja facilitates gaining good health.
  • She is highly praised for her attractive physical attributes.
  • Additionally, she receives prayers for success in crucial life fights.

Goddess Kushmanda mantra:

ॐ कूष्माण्डायै देव्यै: नमः

Om Kushmandaye Daivaye Namah

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