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Worship of Mahagauri mata:

The eighth day of Navratri is dedicated to the devotion of Maa Mahagauri. Mahagauri derives from the words Maha, which means excellent, and Gauri, which means brilliant or fair. She is famed for granting all of her devotees’ most significant wants and is kind and kind. Maa Mahagauri is also regarded as offering peace from all kinds of suffering and grief.

Goddess of Navratri’s Eighth Day:

The brilliant brightness of Maa Parvati earned her the appellation Mahagauri. She is dressed in white and rides a white bull. She holds a drum, a lotus, and a trident in her three hands and uses her fourth hand to bless all her followers. Maa Mahagauri symbolizes the innocence and inherent beauty of all living things. She is a caring Goddess who looks out for her followers and supports them in overcoming obstacles.

History and origin of Mahagauri maa:

Due to the loss of his first companion, Devi Sati, Lord Shiva, long ago entered a state of intense penance and meditation. Lord Shiva wouldn’t leave his meditation for many years and avoided all earthly matters. Tarakasura, a demon, was causing great trouble for the Gods at the same time. Devi Sati was reborn at the gods’ request as Maa Shailaputri, the Himalayan mountain’s daughter. She was referred to as Maa Parvati as well. According to legend, she would awaken Lord Shiva from his trance, and their offspring would then kill Tarakasura. Sage Narada revealed all about Maa Parvati’s prior births when he showed up at her house one day.

For Lord Shiva to know the truth about her, he warned her that she would have to engage in rigorous Tapasya (penance). Maa Parvati consented and gave up all of her palace’s amenities. She soon entered a wilderness and started her sincere penance. Despite the passage of many years, Maa Parvati persisted. She resisted eating and drinking while enduring the cold, the rain, and the storms. Her body was now coated with dirt, leaves, and other debris, and her skin had gone dark.

She became incredibly slender and pale. This intense Tapasya caused Maa Parvati to lose all her brightness and grow incredibly frail. After a protracted period, Lord Shiva, at last, noticed her penance. Before realizing she was his Sati from a former birth, he even put her devotion to the test. Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva consented to getting married. Lord Shiva decided to cleanse her because she was dirty and had grown weak. He permitted Maa Parvati to be covered in Ganga’s sacred waters as they passed through his hair. Maa Parvati regained her lost brilliance after this holy water removed all the dirt from her body.

Significance of Mahagauri mata:

Mahagauri is renowned for cleansing her followers of all their sins. She stands for innocence, tranquillity, and harmony. Goddess Mahagauri has four arms in her physical form. Her right lower arm holds a trident, while her left lower arm is shaped like a benediction. Her right upper arm calms fear, while her left upper arm contains a tambourine.

On Durga Ashtami, the eighth day of Navratri, her devoted followers maintain a fast and worship her to receive her blessings. Devotees of Durga Maa hold this day in great respect because it is also the day that some people break their Navratri fast.

Puja vidhi of Mahagauri mata:

Experts advise placing the goddess’s idol close to the Kalash, after which devotees should present her with white flowers—preferably jasmine—and repeat the mantras. Young girls (Kanjak) are invited home on this day and given a lucky supper as part of the puja. The ceremony is known as Kanjak puja.

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Mahagauri mantra:

सर्वमर्व गं ल मांग्ल्येशि वेसर्वा र्थ साधि के।

शरण्येत्र्यम्बके गौरी नारायणी नमोsस्ततु ।े।

श्वेत वषृ ेसमारूढ़ा श्वेताम्बर धरा शचिुचि:।

महागौरी शभु ंदद्यान्महादेव प्रमोददा॥

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